0430 Roller Latch with Full Lip Strike

Baldwin EstateSKU: 0430.003

Finish Option: Lifetime Polished Brass
Function: Latch
Sale price $72.80


0430 Roller Latch with Full Lip Strike


  • Our Roller Latch, with Full Lip Strike is designed for use on interior doors in hospitals or other environments where quiet operation is required.
  • Measures 3.375" x 1"
  • Very sturdy all forged brass construction throughout. Specifically compounded rubber roller silently engages the strike and holds the door firmly closed without the loud clicks of ordinary locks. The projection of the roller is adjustable for various door clearances. Specially designed adjusting screws, mounted in the face plate, permit fine and accurate adjustment of the roller projection for various door clearances after installation.

Included Accessories

  • Includes wood screws and machine screws

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