Kwikset Exposed Cylinder with SmartKey Technology

Understanding Kwikset SmartKey Technology

Kwikset SmartKey Security locks boast cutting-edge technology designed to thwart lock-picking and bumping techniques. With SmartKey, you have the flexibility to re-key your locks without the need for a locksmith, saving both time and money. This technology allows you to reset the lock to a new key, rendering previously issued keys useless—a game-changer in home security.

What You'll Need

Before diving into the re-keying process, gather the following tools:

  1. Original and New Keys: Ensure you have both the current key and the new key you want to use.
  2. SmartKey Re-Keying Kit: This kit typically includes a SmartKey tool and additional parts necessary for the re-keying process.

Step-by-Step Re-Keying Process

Step 1: Key compatibility check

Insert the new key. If it fully inserts, it is SmartKey compatible. Remove the new key.

Step 2: Prepare the door

Make sure your lock is installed on your door and that your door is all the way open. If you have a deadbolt, make sure it is in the locked position. If you have a knob or lever, make sure it is in the locked position. Ensure your door cannot close on it's own, or that you have another way to enter your home.

Step 3: Insert the current key

Insert the key that currently operates your lock. Rotate the key 90 degrees clockwise.

Step 4: Insert SmartKey tool

Insert the SmarKey tool fully and firmly into the SmartKey hole. You may feel the tool click inside the lock. Remove the SmartKey tool and then remove the current key without rotating it.

Step 5: Insert the new key

Make sure your key is FULLY inserted. The edge of the key touches the indent in the cylinder face. Rotate the new key 180 degrees counter-clockwise. Avoid pushing it in or pulling it out while rotating. Rotate the new key 90 degrees clockwise.

Step 6: Remove the new key

After removing it, reinsert it and test to make sure it operates smoothly. Remove the key when finished.

Step 7: Test the old key

insert the key that previously operated the lock, and test it to make sure it no longer operates. Remove the old key. You have successfully re-keyed your lock!

Conclusion: Enhancing Your Home Security

Re-keying your Kwikset SmartKey Security locks is a straightforward process that puts you in control of your home's security. By following these simple steps, you can change the keys to your locks whenever needed, ensuring peace of mind and protection for you and your loved ones.